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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

  i have had PID once before. they gave me some meds and that was it. I was just diagnosed with HPV almost a year ago the cancer causing strand.... i have had a dull pain in my lower abdomen for a past few day almost feels like the PID might be coming back but not sure if gas, bloating, or something else.... not due for my period for another few weeks ( i just got over it about a week n half ago)....i have been freaking out ... i have been with one man for over 2 years and we went and got tested together about a year ago.

can PID come back?.... could it be the HPV that has developed into cervical cancer?....please help
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Old PID can flare up, so that is a possibility.  But your symptoms sound more GI related.  It is easy to be tested and important too, so I ALWAYS recommend getting checked!
The MOST common symptom of cervical cancer is bleeding, so I doubt that is what you have.  BUT, if it has been more than 6 months since your last pap, it would be a good idea to have that re-done as well.
Go get checked--you probably DONT have any of the things that you are worried about, and it will relieve your mind!
Good luck!
Dr B
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i am going to obgyn on wed.... could PID also be gonorrhea? chlamydia?..... are they easily treated...
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yes thanks for your response... i went to the dr and got a pap... all STD's came back negative, not uti, not yeast infections... just waiting for pap results to come back and see what the cell change looks like

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