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Pelvic Mass

I have been having pains in my right lower abdominal region lately so I went to the ER. I had an ultrasound done and it was a pelvic type cystic mass measuring about 6cm. The doctor dont seem to want to do anything about. I have been in alot of pain and I also had two periods in one month. Does that mean its getting worse? I have already had a partial hysterectomy where I had my left ovary and fallopian tube removed, will I have to get a complete hysterectomy?
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If you have a 6cm mass, the very least you should do is a follow up scan.  If you were my patient, depending upon the characteristics of the scan, we would either operate right away (to alleviate the pain and rule out cancer) OR wait 6 weeks and do a follow up ultrasound to see if the mass went away on its own.
It may be necessary to remove one of your ovaries.  It will then be important to decide if you want to keep the other one and risk another surgery, or have it removed and face menopause.  IF the mass goes away on its own, you may be able to avoid surgery altogether.
That would obviously be the nicest alternative!
But whatever the case, don't do NOTHING--get in to your own MD for some follow up!
Dr B
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