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Please tell me what you think

Pls let me know what you think about this. I have posted before. I had two complex ovarian cyst removed in dec. on 04/09/08 I had a U/s that showed my endometrial strip was 13 mm. they put me on provera and these are my new results. also i had an endomentrial biopsy before this test.
The uterus measures appro. 10x5x5cm. The endomemetrial complex meausres ap 9mm. There is a small echogenic focus within the endomentrial canal measu. 4mm. I can't exclude a small polyp. There is no discrete fibroids. The right ovary contains a cyst w/minimal septation measu. 2.4 x2 cm. the left ovary is normal. Small amt of free fluid in pelvics.
Impression 1. mildly complex right ovarian cyst.
2. small echgenic lesion w/i the endometrial complex. can't exclude polyp.

Given my med his I can't go on birthcontrol - stroke at 13. I'm 23 yrs old and my last period was the 23rd of may. Pls tell me what you think. thank you
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I think you should get a formal consult if you are interested in a second opinion.  Generally speaking, given your age and the findings, I'd suggest following the ovarian cysts with serial ultrasounds and if you are experiencing irregular bleeding I'd perform an office hysteroscopy to look inside the uterus to determine if in fact there is an endometrial polyp.

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Dr. Downing
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What is done if I do have an endometrial Polyp?

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