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Polyps & lower abdominal pain

was hemoraging for 2 months with sever ecramping on my lower right side. The obgyn scheduled me for a saline ultrasoundI. He found 2-4 polyps in my uteris. I had a d&c and had them removed. They were not cancerous. He scheduled me for a d&c abalation as a preventative measure so the polyps would not be able to grow on the uterine wall again. I have not had that surgery yet. I am still having SEVERE pain on the lower right side. The obgyn's solution to this was to get the d&c abalation as sooin as possible. If I had the polyps removed already what is this pain from? Could it be a cyst rupturing? Although this has been going on for 2 months-does a cyst take that long to rupture? Could it have something to do with the saline ultrasound? Could it be the muscle spasing for this long? I am not sure what is going on. He said I do not have endrimitriosis. I do not have any std's &  I am not pregnant.
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I'm not sure whether the cramping was going on before the ultrasound or not, and then whether it started before or after the d&c. If it preceded all of the procedures, then it is definitely not related to them.   A rupturing cyst generally does not take that long, and generally does show up on an ultrasound, so I would think they would have seen that when they did your scan.  I'm not sure how they could rule out endometriosis, because it generally takes a laparoscopy to determine whether endometriosis is present or not.  Also, adhesions or scar tissue might be a possibility for the cause of the pain.

I do think it is prudent to sort out the pain before proceding with another surgery--If there are problems with the uterus or ovaries that are causing the pain, a hysterectomy might be a better surgery than an ablation.  As the ablation would alleviate bleeding, but not pain, and then you would be looking at a third surgery!

Keep asking questions until they have explained everything to your satisfaction!
Good luck!
Dr B
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