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Post LAVH Hysterectomy - Rt. Side Pain

Hi!  I'm 47 and just had a LAVH hysterectomy a little over 4 weeks ago.  I had my post-op appt. with my Doctor and told him that something wasn't right.  Between the incision in my navel and the one on the right side, I told him that I felt like something was attached to the right incision and pulled, burned and hurt.  He told me there was a deep suture inside, but that it shouldn't come loose until 7-8 weeks.  This is a really weird, painful and annoying problem.  It hurts if I bend over to the right side(regarless whether I'm sitting or standing).  It feels like there is something loose and that I actually can press on it and move it over so that it doesn't hurt to bend.  I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, is like it gets bound when I bend.  If feels better with pressure applied.  My abdomen is still tender and swells daily.  Any thoughts on what this might be.  I am getting really concerned.  I have another appt. on the 27th but would appreciate any insight that you could offer.
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Unfortunately, I don't have the advantage of having examined you or been present at the time of surgery, so your surgeon will know best.  It sounds like you are either feeling the tautness of a suture and/or a superficial nerve as been injured and is causing irritation.  If you are really bothered, you need to return to your surgeon.

Best wishes,

Dr. Downing
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