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Pregnancy with triplets. :)

I am just 18 years old, but I really want to have triplets in future. I really love all babies, and that would be wonderful if I have my own babies, more wonderful would be if they're triplets! :) So I have a few questions which seem to be quite popular I think, however, please answer to them as precisely as possible, in order for me to know as much as possible about pregnancy with triplets :* .

1. How many ways are there to get pregnant with Triplets?

2. a) How to get pregnant with Triplets naturally?
    b) What is the probability to succeed?

3. What is the probability of miscarriage?

4. Are there any warning concerns about giving birth to Triplets?

Thank You very much! :*
Magda Nguyen
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Before you have triplets, make sure you have TONS of family support!  They are triple the work of one baby, of course!

The chance of a "natural" triplet pregnancy is about 1/800 pregnancies.  It seems that some women have a genetic predisposition to ovulate multiple eggs and conceive multiple babies.  You can't do much about your genetics.

Because of fertility medications in this day and age, the number of triplet births is up by 500%.  Triplets can result from oral medications or in vitro protocols.

Actually, a triplet pregnancy is UNDESIRABLE.  The risk of miscarriage is high, the probabiliy of intrauterine growth restriction approaches 80-90% and the probability of preterm birth is about as high.

SO. . .if you really love kids and want the best for them, most REs are going to advise you to have them one, or at most two at a time.

I hope this helps!  I wish you lots of happiness = kids!

Dr B
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