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RLQ Pain

I ended up with pancreatitis in 2007 and I had my gallbladder removed even though it was normal to try to ease up the pancreatitis ever since the gallbladder removal I have been having RLQ pain and its very painful it feels like someone is pulling and twisting my right lower pelvic area. I was reading my gallbladder dicatation note and my surgeon FAILED to tell me that I had some filmy adhesions around the infundibulum and he sucked them out, I am worried he has done some damage because I have had to have numerous more surgeries including a pancreas transplant and subtotal colectomy due to the pancreatitis and the pain still lingers and when I get examined by the OBGYN for yearlys or check ups I scream and cry in pain and the intercourse is the same way, I can not have sex since the gallbladder has been removed my surgeon(which was a different surgeon that did the transplant and colectomy) mentioned that I could be having adhesions again around the bowel or ovaries or in that area.. I cant have sex and this is very frustrating to me and my partner what do you suggest is wrong because when i go to the OBGYN they say they do not see anything but they know I am in terrible pain just by the exams...
can you help???
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From the sounds of it, you are very likely full of adhesions.  The big problem with adhesions is that the more surgeries you have, the more adhesions you get.
If you were my patient, I would NOT consider a laparoscopy.  I would discuss your plans for a family with you, and then discuss the possibility of a hysterectomy.
If you don't want children, removing your uterus would probably allow you to have intercourse.  ( I would try to save the ovaries).  There is always the chance that new adhesions could form from the hysterectomy though, and obviously, if you do want children, it is not a good solution.  
If you do want children, I would consider a conservative laparotomy for removal of adhesions.  Again, you have to weigh the risk of new scar tissue forming, but the other option is life without sex, and many people would find that unpalatable!
It sounds like you have not had good luck in the OR, so think very carefully!
Good luck!
Dr B
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