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Raw and sore vagina

My boyfriend and I had a rather active sexual weekend and tried ribbed condoms, after my vaginal lips and the general outside area have been very raw and sore feeling, me and my partner have both recently been STD tested and were clean, we are only with eachother. I bought some vagisil which helps some and had one dose of monostat cream in the tube. There us some clearish white discharge no odor and minor bleeding if I wipe to much. It was itchy but it still hurts and burns. We tried new lubrication, maybe I'm allergic to it? Help???
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There are three main possibilities:
1) you have a dermatitis--a reaction to something--the condoms, the lubricant or even the yeast preparations
2) you have a yeast infection
3) you are just worn out from the big weekend.

If you are just raw from the friction, it should get better quickly--just keep clean and dry.
If you have a dermatitis, it may persist or worsen if you continue to apply different agents.  I would suggest using ONLY Crisco (yes that's not a typo) topically to soothe the area until you can get checked.
If you have a yeast infection, it may resolve since you treated it, or worsen.  Usually there is a lot of thick whitish/greenish discharge associated although not always.

Whatever the case, if you are not better within 2-3 days, you should probably be checked out.  My favorite therapy for yeast is Diflucan.

Good luck!
Dr B
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