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Sex while "bleeding"?

I've had every sort of workup one can have for my irregular bleeding and whatnot with nothing particularly diagnosed, but what concerns me now (since I seem to be surviving just fine physically...) is how to be intimate with someone during these "unclean" times (which is pretty much all of the time).
I've got episodes where I pass clots, bleed excessively, spot lightly and then pass "old blood" which is tinted a little brownish and it certainly doesn't do anything for MY sexual appetite. This goes on consecutively for weeks/months at a time. But more concerning than that is trying to convince myself that someone else would want to be sexual with me during all of this. I just imagine that if I dislike it, they would, too. And since I don't exactly KNOW what's going on down there, it's hard to explain to a partner what's going on. Will they think I've got a disease? An infection? Will they think it smells bad or god forbid want to or not want to be oral? It's so frustrating! There's apparently (according to doctors) no active disease process, infection or condition to explain the situation.
I'm in generally great health and I'm active. I've tried douches and bathing and wipes and eating healthy, drinking tons of water, I take oral birth control pills for period regulation and I stay super clean, but there's still always some form of colored discharge present. What more can I do?! Am I being paranoid? Anyone in my boat of issues?
Thanks in advance!
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I do the same thing for periods of time. Finally, I found a doctor who had me tested for various bleeding disorders. The diagnosis was VonWillebrands Disease (named a disease, but it's actually not a disease, it's a disorder). My body produces the Factor VIII protein (used by my body in the initial clotting process) but my spleen hoards the protein, not allowing my blood to begin clotting. I had to undergo the test for this several times because there are times that I clot just like anyone else, and I always have clots in my menstral blood. There is a medication (Vasopressin) that my OB prescribes to stop the menstral bleeding, and this medication made my last childbirth seem like a walk in the park. I was not diagnosed when my first 2 children were born and I bled bad for almost 3 months, but no one asked Q's and I thought it was normal. My OB now could not believe that no one had ever questioned it but they didn't.
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There are many different possibilites for your abnormal bleeding that only a doctor can diagnose.  Some possibilities are critical, some are not. Don't try to second guess on this or settle for an opinion on this forum.

The very best advice would be to go to a doctor and get thorough testing until you find what is causing it.  Do not let a doctor pass this off as nothing and tell you just to live with it.
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Well, I've been to the doctor's twice in the past month (during which I still haven't stopped bleeding or passing clots, grrr!). One just switched my birth control pill again. Something to regulate hormones. First I was on Ortho Novum now Yasmin. When he said all he could do was try another birth control pill, I sighed and asked "So,  how long should I expect this to take before it has any effect on my bleeding?" The response was, predictably, "Well, it'll take about a month through your cycle...so, if you don't start to see some regularity, come back."
Well, that was three weeks ago, and when he said it might take a month, I seriously didn't want to believe that it would actually take a MONTH for the bleeding to stop. So I have a cycle of bleeding to be followed by a heavier cycle of bleeding? Where's the "cycle" part?
So, went back for a follow up yesterday during which I informed him (a different doctor) that I wasn't improved. So he sent a consult to a gynecological specialist, but I can't get an appointment with this guy for a month! (Yes, another month of bloodshed, in the meantime) The doctor also asked me if I would consider a hysterectomy if they offered it. Now...at this point, after not being able to have sexual relations with all the blood clots, cramping and general disinterest in any of that action altogether, sure, what the heck. Cut that **** out and let me get on with life! But it does seem pretty dramatic. To go from popping a worthless pill every morning (which messes with my moods) to having the whole contraption removed seems...extreme. And I rather like having a cervix and girly bits. I have no idea what to think. They denied me an ablation last time I suggested it because I'm still young (29), it would quite possibly lead to scarring, and it would require repeats in the future. Well, who cares?! If I need a hysterectomy at 40, isn't that better than one at 29?
Gawd, I'm so tired of dealing with this that it's wrecking my life. I can't explain to a partner what's going on when I don't know, myself. Any suggestions from the peanut gallery? The doctors are just starting to **ss me off.
Thanks again!
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the layer which brks during 1 sex . can we get it treante & make it form once more
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I assume you have thought of cervical cancer, and/or had a pap smear? If you haven't, maybe you should. I don't know much about this kind of thing though, just an idea. (yes, I am female even though I know little)
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