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Should I be on birth control?

I am 30 years old and have always had regular periods (with the exception of one month), normal pap smears, and no problems with my skin.  About three years ago, my gynecologist prescribed me birth control when I visited him after having a period that lasted two weeks.  After that, my period regulated and I discontinued use of the birth control. I have chosen to practice abstinence and so I have never taken birth control except for the short time mentioned above. My doctor did give me refills each year in case I chose to change my mind.    

However, I just read that use of birth control can reduce your risk of ovarian cancer and I was unaware of this and my doctor never mentioned it.  I have since moved to a new city and have an appointment with a new gynecologist coming up shortly.  Do you think I should discuss this with him and consider taking birth control for this benefit?  

Thanks so much!  
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Many women do chose to take the pill for that reason.  Even taking it for a short time lowers your risk somewhat.  If everything else is normal, and you have no other reason to take it, you may not want to use it though simply because of the cost, the side effects, and LONG TERM use can increase your risk for breast cancer.  Breast cancer is much more common in women than ovarian cancer.  But you know your family history.
If there is the potential that you would ever marry, you might want to wait and take birth control then.  I definitely think that you should have the discussion with your own doctor too!

Good luck!
Dr B
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