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Some understanding would help!

Dear Doctor Brown, I have been suffering from anxiety for a long time and some things have been buzzing around my mind which are very embarrassing! The first is that I read somewhere that oral sex during pregnancy has very rarely caused an air embolism. I am not pregnant, but started to worry anytime I felt air in my vagina, I guessed it must be OK since no one else worries about it, but what happens if you pass gas/flatulate (!) and are sitting a particular way and maybe the air moves very hard into the vagina, is that bad?!!!! I am worried whether there's any times a woman needs to be scared for that, like period, menopause, anything...
The second question is more embarrassing, I remember a few years ago I had rubbed a pillow agaisnt the vaginal area in masturbation, and maybe the pillow was too tough because the next day I had sort of muscular pains in that area but they did go away! On other occasions I've noticed little muscular pains, that have just been like a little shoot of pain, but then they do not stick around for long. I'm up to date for smears and have been checked around this whole area in 2012 to confirm I have PCOS, so my Dr is happy I've done the routine things, since he is a male Dr I only hinted at 'sometimes feeling a little pain and worrying too much' but I felt that it would quiet the worries if I asked the questions properly :S !
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If you were my patient, I would attempt to reassure you that your worries are groundless.  Pregnancy is different because there are much bigger blood vessels that are dilated and carrying lots more blood than at other times and that is theoretically how an air embolism could occur. Even during pregnancy this is extremely uncommon--I certainly have never seen or even heard of a case myself.  Little muscular twinges that come and go are also common and nothing to worry about.
I hope this has helped somewhat!
Have you ever been diagnosed or treated for OCD?
You might wish to ask your doctor about medical therapies which can help!
Good luck!
Dr B
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