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Surgical complication--gossypiboma

11 months ago I had a c-section to deliver a healthy baby boy--my 7th baby and my 4th c-section. The delivery was uncomplicated and I was released from hospital in 3 days. 2 days later I was readmitted w/ DVT in left leg. Started on coumadin, lovenox, heparin and sent home on lov and coumadin. Experienced several days of muscle aches and flu-like symptoms and then developed migrating muscle pain. Over the course of months the muscle pain escalated and involved joint issues as well. All blood tests to diagnose condition were normal. at 2 months post, began to experience pain in lower left rib cage upon stretching, lifting or deep breathing. Was sent for CTA to rule out embolism---normal findings. Pain in ribs extended to left hip and to lower back and has over the course of the past 6 months intensified. Have seen 10 different specialists, neuro, ortho, rheumatologist, and infectious disease---all findings have been normal. I suspected lyme disease and was put on 3 weeks of doxy with improvement of muscle symptoms to almost normal at the end of therapy but back, hip and rib pain continues. Returned to ob/gyn to discuss possibility of surgical complication for cause of pain as the pain is now extending to the pelvic floor limiting my ability to walk. Other symptoms include--significant hairloss, dysmennorhea (every other month). My question -- could there be a surgical connection to my symptoms?  Could this be clinical picture of foreign body reaction due to inadventant gauze left in abdominal cavity. No one has imaged my abdomen. What are the clinical symptoms of a foreign body reaction to cotton? Who should I see next? Prior to this surgery I was a healthy 46 yr old female --  no meds, no disease issues> I now feel like I'm in my 80's -- can't bend, sit on the floor, or even lie in bed without constant pain. Drs have been quick to prescribe painkillers, NSAIDS and steroids for pain. I refuse to take anything until the cause is determined.
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You are going to turn out to have an auto-immune condition, or one of the difficult to categorize ailments such as fibromyalgia.  It would be quite easy to rule out a foreign body in your abdomen left at surgery.  All you need is a KUB.  All instruments and sponges used in a Csection are radiographically labled, and would light up like a Christmas tree on X ray.  If you were my patient, I would definitely do the X ray, but I doubt that is the  cause.  I would probably then send you to a multispecialty center such as Mayo clinic where a team approach could be used to identify what is going on.
The unfortunate possibility is that you may not end up with a diagnosis--not because you don't have a problem, but because medicine is not capable of diagnosing everything.
Another possibility to consider, is alternative medicine--sometimes someone such as a good Naturopath is a better person to work with in this type of situation.
I hope this is helpful!
Dr B
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