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Swollen Lump on Outer Vagina/Groin

I'm 20 years old and I have not been sexually active since about three months ago. About two days ago, I found a large lump on my outer vagina/groin area, near the bikini line. It is about an inch. It is swollen, tender, and red. I don't feel any hard bumps inside, it's just a large lump. It is painful just to walk or sit down. I don't think it is an ingrown hair because I've had those before, and it looks nothing like this. Also, when I had an ingrown hair, it was not this painful as the lump I have right now. Can anyone please help me? It would be much appreciated.
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It's impossible to make any kind of diagnosis over the internet, of course. It is possible that what you have is a swollen gland in that area which could be the result of infection anywhere "distal" to the site, such as your leg or foot.
On the other hand, it could be a boil that is going to errupt and/or need to be drained.  If you were my patient, I would reccomend applying heat to the area and watchful waiting to see what is going to happen.  If it resolves, great, if it increases in size or tenderness, your local walk in clinic could/should probably help you out.  Good luck!
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