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Too much natural lubrication during sex. Help!

I know that wetness during sex is a sign of arousal, but i feel like i get far too wet. Guys ive been with have lost erections because of the lack of friction. We've tried different positions and different kinds of condoms, even wiping down every once in a while. Its embarrasing and bad for the sex life. I've heard that taking an antihistamine like benadryll can help dry up secretions. It makes sense if u look at the mechanism of action. My question:  do i need to take benadryll daily/several times a day or just once before sex?  Also, any other methods to reduce my "niagra falls" problem?
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If you were my patient, I would consider testing for bacterial vaginosis to make sure that the wetness you are describing is just physiologic and not due to an infection.
If everything is normal, an antihistamine might help.  You should probably take it about an hour before you expect to have intercourse and it can last about 4-6 hours. One problem with benadryl is that it can cause drowsiness, so you might want to test it first, so that you don't fall asleep at an inconvenient moment!
I usually tell my patients to take plenty of time for foreplay so that they are "ready" for intercourse.  In your case, you might just want to go for it!
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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