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Treatment for Vulvodynia & Possible Pudendal Neuralgia

I need to find either a vulvular specialist or neurologist who treats pudendal neuralgia in the Miami, FL area.  I have seen 13 doctors for extreme vulvodynia (specifically clitoridynia) which is getting worse by the day and have had no relief from every medication imaginable (Elavil, Neurontin,Lyrica, opiods, compounded meds, lidocaine).  I need a non-medication approach like nerve block, but every neurologist I've contacted does not treat this disorder.  HELP!!
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I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so! I'm also sorry to say that I don't know of anyone to recommend in that area.  You may want to contact a neurosurgeon instead of a neurologist--the surgeons tend to be more aggressive with such modalities as pain pumps and nerve blocks, etc.  Another possibility would be to contact a gynecologist/oncologist in your area and go from there.

Have you tried applying topical lidocaine just for some small amount of relief until you can get to see the doctor?

Good luck!
Dr B
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Thanks for your response.  Unfortunately, I've contacted some neurosurgeons as well as neurologists and they are not willing to see me either.

The gynecologist I saw most frequently about this problem totally discouraged me from using lidocaine saying it would make the pain much worse.  I have used it rarely and only in tiny amounts because I saw scared and it never did much.  So you think I should try to use a larger quantity? I'm so afraid it will increase the pain and I can't take much more.  It's unbearable as it is.
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