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Uncontrolable PMS something has to be wrong this isn't normal

I've been taking birth control since I was 16yrs old and I'm 19yrs old now.
for the past 2 1/2 years I have been bleeding abnormally. It started when I first started the depo provera.
I stayed on it for 9 months trying to work with my OB GYN to figure out why I was bleeding so much.
She put me on estrogen pills because I'm a small person and didn't have the fat cells to store the estrogen.
I bled more when I took the pills so I stopped taking them and just got off the shot. I asked for yaz and started that one, it helped a lot but my mom wanted me to switch because of the recall so I tried lo-estrin 24 and I started bleeding all month again. I continued to see my OB GYN but I started to hear the same answers but not an answer to fix my problem. I had a pap done and it showed abnormal white blood cells and I was told it was cervical cancer. A biopsy was never done. I lost my insurance and stopped seeing a doctor. I can't afford it. I went to a health department and had another pap done and it came back negative for abnormality. Now I'm on the birth control that the health dept gives out and still heavy all month. I can't find a doctor around here that will listen to me. I can't continue bleeding all month it's starting to effect my health. What's wrong with me?
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If you were my patient, I would stop your birth control, repeat your pap, and test for STDs.  I also always do a pregnancy test.  This is the treatment that I would standardly do for any 19 year old.

IF you need contraception, I would consider starting you on something with a little more estrogen in it--or waiting until your normal cycles had thickened your uterine lining back to its normal size before re-starting your pills.  Depo provera almost ALWAYS causes abnormal bleeding, so it is no surprise that you had it too.

I would then proceed based on the findings of the pap.  If it was normal--I'd repeat in one year.  If abnormal-I'd do what was necessary at that point.

I hope this helps!
Good luck!

Dr B
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what birth controls are higher on estrogen?
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