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Vagina Trouble

Hi. I'm 22 years old girl. My BMI states that I'm obese. I lost my virginity at 16. And always used a condom.
I got my first period when i was 12. At the beginning my periods were heavy but regular.
For last 4 years my periods are highly irregular. When i wash my vagina and my hand gets of blood. I put a pad(whisper). But the next day the pad is still clear.
Now recently my vagina feels dry on Occasions. And there's swelling, numbness inside the vagina opening.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you almost certainly have a variant of PCOS which is a catch all phrase for a hormone imbalance which causes irregular periods.  You may also have a yeast infection.  I would strongly recommed that you see your doctor about this.  If irregular periods continue for years, it can lead to uterine cancer.
There are often fairly simple things that you can do to correct this problem, but do see your doctor!
Good luck!
Dr B
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