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Vaginal Lumps

I noticed two bumps, one on each side of the upper vulva, slightly smaller than a pea. ( I hope I have the right term.)  I just noticed them last week.  After researching online, I thought they might be cysts.  I did reading and found that many people tried warm baths, trying to slowly bring liquid to a head.  BAD move.  I only did that with one and now it much larger than the other, and very tender and sore, yet hard.  I am scheduled to leave for a cruise tomorrow.  Is this something I should be concerned about?
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I'm sorry for the delay in the answer (I have had some medical problems recently) If you were my patient, I would advise you that I am concerned about two different possibilities, the first would be in grown hair follicles.  These can commonly result from shaving in that area.  They are infected hairs and will develop lesions similar to large pimples.  Usually they get better on their own, but sometimes they need to be drained and/or antibiotic may be prescribed.
The other concern would be a primary outbreak of herpes.
I would need to see the lesions to help make the diagnosis.
I hope this was of some use to you!
OH and don't start your birth control late--start it WITH your period or it can actually trigger ovulation.
Good luck!
Dr B
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My lump looks flesh colored but my skin texture has change 6months or chicken skin std is negative wat could it be i only have one bump that i can.see cause the skin is all wierd looking Does skin change with low grade hpv too??
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I can't seem to post on this but I need help!
I started donating plasma in August 2013 and I stopped getting my period...I then finally got my period on Christmas for the regular length of time...I haven't had it since then...I haven't had sex since sometime in 2012....
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I don't seem to be able to create my own post in this forum, but I'd like a doctor to respond to this so here goes.

I have a bump on my outer labia minora near the opening of my vagina. I noticed it back in November, but it could have been there for longer. It isn't very noticable, but the area gets a dull pain on occassion. I am pregnant and recently went to the obgyn for a full pelvic exam. I had a normal pap smear and I even mentioned it to the doctor. She took a look and said that it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary. I had a baby about a year ago and was wondering if this is a normal vaginal change? If so, what is it? Even though the gyn said everything checks out, I'm still concerned because it hurts on occassion and looks different from the rest of my vagina. Could you tell me what this could be, given that the gyn said it wasn't anything out of the ordinary and that my pelvic went fine?
I would greatly appreciate that, thanks!
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Hi doc.i have an endometrioma.i was diagnosed last year may 2013@6cm and i have a 5cycle of depovera. And my doctor said it is small and it like a marshmallo.and my last ultrasoound is on march 11,2014 tge result is the uterus is normal in size measuring 6.12x3.74x4.09cms. Myometrial ehopattern is homogenous endometrial stripe is intact measuring 0.73cm. Right ovary measures 2.13x1.91cms. Fluid filled mass with solid components is seen adherent to the right ovary measuring 2.66x3.19cms.left ovary measures 2.08x3.65cms.cyst is seen within measuring 2.27x2.32cms  cul-de-sac unremarkable. Impression : nornal size uterus with intact endometrium cyst,left ovary cystic mass within solid components adherent to right ovary, consider endometrioma. Doc i dont have idea what is the size of my cyst.i want to be a pregnant.any fertility pills that recommend to me? I dont want to surgery.please advice me. I always eat a seaweeds at oyster.
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