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Vaginal discomfort

I have a constant pressure in my vagina it resembles the feeling you would get with a urinary tract infection the only difference is I don't have a constant urge to go to the bathroom. I have had all my std checks and my pap smear is up to date. I have also started noticing a burning sensation after sex and sex isn't enjoyable but rather painful. Please help as I just want my life back.
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If you were my patient, I would advise you to come in for a check up--I would test for yeast whatever your age, and possibly for hormone levels depending upon your age, or if you have been on oral contraceptives for any length of time.
I would of course also test for a UTI.
sometimes a hormone deficiency can cause the vaginal walls to become very thin, and then some hormone cream or capsules can help to rebuild that.  Yeast can cause similar symptoms and is easier to treat.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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