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Vaginal left pain

I have had pain since 4/07 on the left side of my vagina. I gave birth a year ago in Nov. to a large 10.5 lbs baby boy, who left me 3 or 4th degree tears. I thought I had some sort of prolpase, because things looked so different down there afterwards and I was having trouble going #2. I have been examined by a fellowshipped trained urogynecolgist in Ann Arbor, MI. I was told I do not clinical diagnosable prolapse. I have been to pelvic therapy for it, and received trigger point injections. The pain use to be from the top of my vagina (left) all the way down to the bottom of it, and sometimes I would get nerve pain that would travel down to my left foot.  It has got better, but in Dec. mid cycle I started having incredible cramps, it felt like my uterus was going to explode. Then bleeding about 4 days later and bled for 14 days straight.  After the bleeding stopped the pain was much better (before I had trouble sitting for long periods and could only sleep on my left side, any other position caused extreme pain in that area).  The pain was better and I could go #2 without much difficulty. The sensation that I had was the feeling that something was at the top of my vagina, pushing on a nerve. Upon self examination I found a lump just behind my cervix, above the vaginal skin. When moving my cervix it moves with it and feels attached above the skin   It is tender to the touch.  Since I do not have prolpase , not thinking it could be an enterocele. I can not feel it while lying down only while standing (have to reach really far back) and it is easier to feel while on the potty. It is not always there, as my pain is not always there.  My family has a history of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Could this be causing all this pain and problems or what other things should I be asking my doctor to check for. Should I be able to feel something like this myself, and what could it be? I go back to the urogynocolgist 1/20 to get checked.  
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Congratulations on your HEALTHY child!  You may want to consider requesting a c-section if you have any more kids.  If you were my patient, I would certainly give you that option!

It sounds like maybe you had a sulcus tear ( a tear in the side of the vagina ) I wonder whether it is possible that you could have had a suture placed around your pudendal nerve during the repair of that tear.  The pudendal nerve runs right along in that area, and entrapping it with a suture ligature might cause the kind of pain you are describing.

It almost sounds as though the suture finally dissolved and "popped" during that episode of bleeding.  Perhaps the nerve was freed up and that's why  the pain and constipation problems improved.

As to what it is that you are feeling--I would really need to examine you myself to give you any kind of educated guess.  An ultrasound might be very useful--especially a transvaginal one.  The ultrasound would certainly tell you whether you have fibroids or ovarian cysts.  Another possibility is some kind of abcess cavity, or fluid pocket that had developed due to the lacerations and repair after your delivery. An ultrasound would also be able to detect that.

Child birth is never kind to a woman's anatomy--its a darn good thing that the kids are worth it!

My best advice, is to have a good thorough transvaginal ultrasound examination, and to be certain that your uro-gyn palpates the painful area--you should know when he/she finds the spot due to the pain--keep directing his attention until he finds it--sometimes its hard for an examiner to know they're in the right spot unless you tell them. Once he has checked the area, you are much more likely to get a proper diagnosis.

Overall it sounds like you are slowly mending--hope that trend continues!

Dr B

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