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Vulvar Bumps

Three weeks ago I developed a hard lump on my labia - the whole area swelled and was very painful. I developed a fever and swollen lymph nodes. It was symptoms of a classic bartholian (sp?) cyst except it never became an abscess. I saw my family dr and she prescribed an antibiotic. That lump went down almost immediately but I developed a smaller painful bump deep in between my labia majora and minora - not the usual place for a b. cyst. It went down but just as I completed the antibiotic developed a painful bump at the bottom of my perineum. And the one between my lips reappeared. I went back to the dr and she did a culture plus prescribed another antibiotic. I've been on that for four days. Another bump popped up  yesterdaymorning on the opposite side of my perineum - along with a very swollen and tender node in my groin. My culture was negative for vulvidosis (sp?).

The bumps are hard and painful. They are under the skin. I have not been able to bring them to a head or even close with warm compresses.

I haven't dealt with these before (I'm 36, have two children youngest being almost 7, normal deliveries). It's just strange that they would come back so quickly. I am in a monogamous marriage (13 years) with my only sexual partner ever.

I will probably being going to a specialist next week if they don't disappear completely by the end of my antibiotic regimen but I would like any opinion. The only other thing is that I did have strep throat a month ago.

Thanks for reading!
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Without the benefit of having examined you I can't offer much advice, but I do suggest you continue to seek care.  Your ob/gyn should be helpful.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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