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As I was bathing and washing my vaginal area I felt a stinging sensation that felt like a cut or scrape in between my left thigh and vagina lip. When I looked at it in the mirror it looked as though it was a cut, No blood just bright pink and fleshy and hurt a lot whenever pressure was put by it. I didn't notice it before I took a shower last night, now all day it's been very sensitive.  The way it looked reminded me of the scrapes I get when I walk too much and my thighs rub together. I guess my question is could that be possible that my skin is rubbing together and the friction is causing a cut or is there something more serious like a STD? I am married and have No other sexual partners. Thank-you very much.
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If you were my patient, I would wonder if you might have a yeast infection there.  Yeast can certainly develop there if your skin rubs together or your pants rub there.  Sometimes yeast can cause those little "cuts".  If you were my patient, I would probably want to see you in the office to evaluate you, and then I would probably prescribe something like Diflucan and possibly some Nystatin powder.  If you think I might be on the right track, you can try some Nystatin powder yourself--its available at most major drug stores.  You might also want to try keeping that area really dry--maybe wear dresses and cotton underpants to get rid of it.
If it doesn't work you can see your doctor at that point.
If you don't  think it's yeast--you should probably be seen at the walk-in or at your doctor's office.  By the way, it's probably NOT an STI.
Good luck!
Dr B
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