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bumps on my vagina lip that hurt!

i've been getting bumps on my Vagina lip & they hurt very bad! they sort of look like boils. they come & they go, sometimes i pop them, & a white clear liquid comes out, & blood also comes out. I've had them for a while now, I know I don't have STDS,
but i just need help! I wanna know what these bumps are, & why i'm getting them.
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If the bumps are occuring in the part of your anatomy that normally has pubic hair, they may be boils.  This is especially common if you shave those areas.  I often try a topical antibiotic first, and sometimes an oral antibiotic second for patients who suffer from these little infections.  They are often reffered to as folliculitis--because they are infections of the hair follicles. I use Cleocin T 2%, which sometimes helps enough.

There is also a condition called hydradenitis in which sweat glands become infected. This typically happens in the groin and underarm areas.  A dermatologist would be your best bet as far as a doctor to treat that condition, which is chronic and hereditary.

Hope this helps!
Dr B
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