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cervical cancer

Hello guys

I just had a LEEP procedure done to me because my anual test showed pre-cancerous cells.But when I went to see the doctor for the results he told me that
even though I do not cancer yet it would be safer to extract everything. He told me that if I wanted to have a child now
would be a good time before the procedure and he assured me again "Do not worry you don`t have cancer."
My question is I do not want to have a whole extraction and began having menopause I`m only 32 and I don`t want
all the hormonal changes related to a complete extraction of the uterus and ovaries so What do I do?Can any of you
please help me?
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I almost NEVER do a hysterectomy for cervical dysplasia, unless there are other indications such as prolapse or abnormal bleeding.
In most instances the LEEP procedure clears up the abnormal cells, and women can be followed closely with pap smears.  I typically do paps every three to six months depending upon the severity of the abnormality.

If you were my patient, my second opinion would be that you do not need a hysterectomy ( extraction ).  If you were my friend, I would recommend that you get a second opinion from a female doctor.

Good luck!
Dr B
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