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could i be pregnant??

well my lmp was 4-14-11...to tell the truth i dont really know when i o'd but we have had sex every other day since..sorry if its tmi..i spotted on the 1st of may and on the 3rd...today af was supposed to come..dont know whast to do ...sad...hoping theres still ok..let me give a litte backround..had ds in may 2010..at 3 months pp i got the depo..tried it once and decided not to get it again..that messed up my cycles..in august i got the shot and was supposed to get it in nov. i got period in december..i was going on a 3 wk period..so i made an appt at my drs..they gave me provera to regulate my periods..bad decision...it made it worse..i'd get a heavy period every other week...i thought maybe thats normal...idk..in march i went back to the docs and they gave me sprintec 28..i started it on the 20th of march..the day after i stopped beeding..according to the pills i was supoosed to start my period on or around april 10...i started my period on the 14th...its now the 12th of may...i was really hoping for a bfp..but it was neg...any advice...a chance..any advice,thoughts,,..
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I am a little confused by your post, so I will just give a generic answer!
Most home urine pregnancy tests will start to register hcg (the pregnancy hormone) at around thie time of the missed period, or cycle day 28-29.  SO,  . if it has been that long, you should definitely be within the window.  If my patients get a negative result, I usually counsel them to repeat weekly until the test is positive, or until they get their period.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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i also have really sore nipples..ths isn't normal for me...and frequent urination...heartburn every now and then..really really wierd..i feel pregnant but hpts are neg..they should be positive by now...right??
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