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I was wondering if it is possible to get lghtheaded or dizzy and sick to my stomach approx a week before my menstrual cycle. I have noticed for maybe the past 3 cycles about a week before my period starts I have been almost like lightheaded or dizzy, its hard to explain, I do get nauseous too and I hate it! I am not sure if it is that or maybe anxiety just getting worse because of hormones, is that possible? I am scared and I need to know!
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PMS symptoms are extremely variable, and almost every symptom has been described. I do suggest checking in with your regular doctor because the symptoms are severe enough to cause you anxiety.  If they are menstrual-related, they might be alleviated by a medication such as Sarafem which is approved for treatment of PMS.
It might be helpful for your doctor if you keep a symptom diary documenting which symptoms are worse on which days of the cycle--sometimes there is an obvious relationship to the cycle, and other times it turns out there is not--this can be very helpful diagnostic information.

Whatever the case, worrying excessively will only make matters worse, so stay calm while you are collecting the information prior to your visit.

Good luck!

Dr B
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