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hpv,hsil, pregnancy

How can you live with high risk HPV?

I am pregnant and have dysplasia/ HSIL, change in cell, in biopsy
Can pregnancy make dysplasia?
If Dysplasia handled, how big is the probability that the Dysplasia comes back? If Dysplasia goes away after pregnancy, can dysplasia and same HPV come back to life again?
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Pregnancy does not cause dysplasia per se, but it can make it more likely to be detected.  Dysplasia is a PRE-cancerous change in cells which is caused by the hpv virus.  It is typically detected on a pap smear.  The next step in management is typically colposcopy which is careful visualization of the cervix with a large magnifying lens (the colposcope).  Doctors use this to look carefully at the cervix to rule out any signs that the problem has progressed to cancer of the cervix.  In some cases, it may be necessary to do biopsies (or remove little chunks of tissue) from the cervix to rule out cancer. IF there is no evidence of cancer (and usually there is not) most doctors will recommend a follow up pap smear in a few months depending upon how far along a woman is in her pregnancy.
Often the dysplasia will clear up on its own, but because we can't cure the underlying problem, which is the hpv virus.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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