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i think im pregnant

Hi I'm 29, I am married and am trying to get pregnant.  I think I am.  
I was wondering if I could be pregnant , I had a normal period on march 4th and had cramps for four days , my period usually lasts four days , well we had sex the day before and then the week of the 13-23    well on the 29-31 st I had some bleeding that was brownish red and only cramped for two hours on the first day , it wasn't like a normal flow like my normal periods,  so I took a pregnancy test at home and one was positive and one negative , so I don't know what to think , I did another couple a day ago and it was the same result.  I am having symptoms as feeling pregnant , but with my first marriage seven years ago I took a blood test on the end of July 2007 and it came negative then I waited a month and did another blood test the end of Aug 2007  and it came back positive ,  so I was 14 weeks when I had a miscarriage and said it was a molar pregnancy.   So with what I'm feeling with symptoms is nauseous and fatigue extremely tired , and have a headache with no discharge for 2 weeks now.   So my family doc tells me I'm pregnant.   My last mensrrual period is 4 of March .  So any advice .   Also can I have sex  during the first trimesfer of pregnancy if I am pregnant?  
Please help me out.  I'm not sure what to think , except know my body , and having the same symptoms I had with my last peegnancy that I lost.  
Please let me know.  
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If you were my patient, I would advise a blood pregnancy test.  A blood test should not give a false negative, and if it is positive, you are pregnant.
The urine test results seem confusing, so I would suggest either having the test done by the nurses at a clinic or doctor's office, OR a blood test.
Good luck!
Dr B
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