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irregular 12 days periods and brown discharge 2 days after

I have been having periods that last 12 days or longer and 2 days after
My period my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and now I'm having brown
Discharge. I get really bad stomach pains just before and during my periods
And on the first day of my periods I only spot once and then it dosent completely
Start until the next day. I've been having chest pains on my left, which would be
My heart and I have had 3 c-sections. I was also recently diagnosed with a hernia,
Throat spasms, inflammed esophogus. I have had stool tests that showed blood in my
Stools and I am always constipated and other times it's pure liquid. I have been to
The doctor several times and we have been working on getting to the root of the cause
Several tests later. I am set up to have an x-ray of my stomach now. Any input or idea
What could be causing this would be appreciated.
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Since I am a gynecologist, I will deal with the period issue, and you can certainly post in the gastroenterology forum about your abdominal pain and bowel problems.

Normal menstrual periods last no more than 7-8 days.  So by definition yours are abnormal.  If you were my patient, I would do a complete exam and pap smear.  I would also do an ultrasound.  I would want to rule out polyps of cervix or uterine cavity.
Polyps are common and can cause irregular, heavy and prolonged bleeding.

If you don't have polyps, the other things that could cause similar symptoms would be fibroids, hyperplasia or endometriosis/adenomyosis.  

If you have finished having children, ( and depending on what the tests reveal) you might want to consider a procedure called an endometrial ablation which would very likely cut down the bleeding.

If you were my patient, and you did want more children, I would probably start you on an oral contraceptive pill ( if no contraindications) after a 14 day course of progesterone.

One more thing to mention--I ALWAYS recommend a pregnancy test FIRST.

Good luck!
Dr B
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i have been releasing brown discharge before and after periods for about 4 months now, back in april i didnt get my period at all. i've been also experiencing lower back pains and i havent been eating much either. i had 3 abortions before, can this have something to do with it?
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