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irregular period for a teen

"I have had my period for almost three years now, i am currently 14, i started when i was 12, But ever since i started i have been a irregular, in the forms of how many days or what day it starts or how long or heavy. At first i thought it normal but then it started becoming worse, in the sense of i was skipping periods, i am not sexually active so i knew it could not be anything like being pregnant or such. But i would skip months, Not when i first started but recently i went 5 months without a period, this can not be normal! Since that spell i am currently on the 2nd period i have had since then, the one before this was normal and i thought things were starting to get normal, But this month i started on the 24th of January and it is the 10th of February. This cant be normal! i am scheduling an appointment with a gynocolagist, but i would like some answers now. My appointment is a little ways away. Please help! thank you!"
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Your gynecologist will very likely tell you that it IS normal.  At least for someone your age, that is. Your hypothalamic/pituitary axis ( better known as "hormones") is still maturing along with your body and mind.  It is very common for young women to be irregular initially, and then as they get to be about 17 or 18 their cycles should settle down into the 28 day range.
That doesn't mean that you have to live with it though, if it bothers you.  I put many of my teen patients on oral contraceptives to regulate their cycles so that they don't start suddenly in Chemistry lab or PE.  Most moms will want to be in on this discussion with you and your doctor--and don't be offended if your doctor wants to do a pregnancy test--that's routine.
Hope this helps!

Good luck!
Dr B
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