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irritating tingling feeling of my clitoris

I have an irritating tingling feeling of my clitoris. I have had thrush before and it's not the same symptoms. It feels as if an orgasm is building and makes you feel as if you need to pee. I have applied a cold cloth over my underpants which eased it slightly and applied thrush cream which didn't really help. I have resisted the urge to masturbate/use my vibrator. It has developed over the last few days after having used my vibrator and I am worried I have damaged or inflamed nerves. Googling has made it worse as has just caused me to freak out/panic more about it.
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If you were my patient, I would recommendJust  that you see your doctor for testing to rule out a urinary tract infection, and also a Vaginal candida infection or Bacterial vaginosis.
You probably haven't damaged any nerves unless you really over-used the vibrator.  Normal use shouldn't cause harm.
Just get checked by your doctor
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thank you for your help! I took the pill used to treat Thrush yesterday morning and the pessary last night. Things have eased and I've been using the cream to help ease the itch until they kick in! so hopefully that will clear it up!
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Can vaginal thrush cause the development of white/yellowish spots around the vaginal area? kind of like 'milk spots' ?
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