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late menopause

I am almost 59 years old, have had 3 children with no problems. The issue is that I keep having periods, irregularly. I went 4 months and then started again. The periods are very light but last for 5 to 7 days. This is very frustrating since I have the fear of becoming pregnant and also the frustration of not being menopausal. Often I trace the recurrence of a period to having eaten soy, such as tofu. I  think I must be very estrogen sensitive. I do not take any hormones at all and never have.I do not smoke.
What is up with this and is there anybody else in my boat?
I am healthy and get regular check ups.
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The average age for menopause is 51, so that means that some people stop at 39 and others at 59.  It could simply be normal for you.  If you were my patient, though, I would want to do an exam and pap and ultrasound.  I would want to get a good look at your uterine lining to be certain that it wasn't thickened or irregular.  This appearance on ultrasound could be caused by polyps or hyperplasia, or even endometrial cancer, so if the ultrasound looked abnormal, I would also want to do a biopsy or d&c.  
If the lining looked good, I would offer you an endometrial ablation--an outpatient procedure that cauterizes the lining and stops those darned periods!

Hope this helps!
Dr B
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