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lining of the womb

In a weeks time i am having my lining of the womb taken away, what i can remeber what the nurse told me is they put a ballon insde me with hot water in it then when its in place pop the ballon what is the name for this and have i got it right. I will then bleed for 2 weeks afterwards then no more periods with any luck can you tell me anymore about this please
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You are having a procedure known as an endometrial ablation.  It involves the cauterizing (or burning) of the inside lining of the uterus.  There are many methods to accomplish this.  The method you describe is called Thermachoice balloon ablation.

I suggest you talk with the physician who will be peforming the procedure detailed questions about the risks and benefits.  Most women are satisfied with their decrease in bleeding after this procedure although their bleeding may not stop altogether.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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Thank you very much for filling me a little more about what i am having next week. I will ask more questions when i see my doctor on the day
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