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long menstrual cycles

about 5 months ago i started my period like normal, on time, but it didnt stop untill almost 10 weeks later. i have always had heavy periods in the past but never one longer than 8 days at the most. there were blood clots and i couldnt wear a tampon more than 30 minutes without going through. since then my periods have been really light and only lasting for 1-3 days intill now. i started my period just 2 weeks after i ended my last and im still on it. ive been on it for 10 days now but it is really light. it started out really heavy for about 3 days but its been light since. no blood clot but really really bad cramps. why is my body all of a sudden changing my cycle and why would i have a period for 10 weeks straight? im in alot of pain right now and i dont know what to do. ive tried tylenol, aleve, midol, and pamprin and  the cramps wont go away. can you help me?
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Since you have been having a notable change in your menstrual cycle for more than three months you should present to your ob/gyn to discuss this with them and they should then pursue a workup.  Some reasons a woman's menses may increase in duration are uterine fibroids, thyroid hormone changes, or endometrial polyps.  

If you experience heavy bleeding (using a pad an hour for more than four hours) you should see a physician urgently.  

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Dr. Downing
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