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lower back,hip and stomach pains

5 weeks ago i started to get a mild low back pain after a few days it had got worse and spread to my left hip and left side,after 2 wks it eased of and then week later came back really worse,the pain seems to come from my left sided,around my kidney area and across my stomach,with sharp pains and niggly pains also in my right side.i had an episode for about 4 hours i was in agony all over my stomache and really low down too,i just couldnt move it was so saw and tender,its eased up but my stomache is very swollen,am constipated,my stomach feels full and even though the pain is on the left,my right side under ribcage and middle/under breast bone is agony if i press lightly on.my legs hurt and are shaky. i am getting heartburn which ive never had only when pregnant 7 years ago. i feel generally unwell,tired and no energy. if i lay on my right side i get pain on my left side as if something is being pulled.
if i crouch on the floor or bend over my stomach starts to get sharp pains,i have to stretch out/lay out to stop the pain.
urine sample shew blood/protein but no infection,ultrasound to check ovaries and kidneys was fine.   but i feel so ill,please help??  the pain in the left side of my back is usually worse than the pain in my stomache.
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Well, diagnosis over the internet is extremely difficult because, as you know, the physical examination is a very important part of the process.  You have ruled out a lot of the potential problems with tests and ultrasounds.  I think you may be on the right track when you mention constipation.  Irritable bowel syndrome can manifest in that way, and can be extremely miserable!  If my patient came in with your story, the first recommendations that I would make would be as follows:
On day one, take 2 senekot tablets.
On day one through three take Miralax as directed.
Starting on day one, cut out caffiene and increase water to 2 liters per day.
Also starting on day one begin fibre therapy with Benefibre.
If that isn't enough to do already ;) I would suggest a gentle aerobic exercise program.

Try these suggestions for one to two weeks and see if you don't feel significantly better.

If you are like most people, you diet could use some improvement also!

Well, good luck!

Dr B
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thank you for your advice,i will try what you suggested and see if it helps. for couple of years now i do have an irritable bowel,usually diareah everyday and every so often constipation but never have had pain like this.today the whole bottom of my back/hips is agony i cant hardly move,,im getting slight chest pain/presure and a horrible gnawing pain just above my belly button. and tops of legs really hurt too.can IBS really be this bad??  i guess im worried i have a kidney or stomache condition!  im no longer constipated or swollen but the pain has got worse today not better. is there any other test which would rule out kidney problems,blood test maybe?  thank you x
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I have pain my lower left pelvic area..It is like a sharp pain ...almost like a knot that never goes away. it is constant.
Here's a bit of history and hopefully i will get some answers:
Had an IUD for 3.5years; had it taken out july2007 so as to have another addition to our family (have a 6 year old already) Since which I have been unable to get pregnant and had been having pressure in my pelvic area. I've had an hsg/hysteroscopy and D&C and i was told that my left fallopian tube was blocked and that polyps where found..(don't know what that all means). Periods are irregular (differing in length of mense days in between each menstrual period. Sometime appears as spotting for one period while other times full bleeding ,with heavy clotting and at times very painful.-no one has said miscarriage;could at one time it came twice in one month)
Had ultrasounds (regular and transvag) done previous and always have been told the my endometrial lining was thicker than normal (don't know what that means either.) and that there is a possibility that I have ovarian cyst. It appears that I am ovulating-according to fertility monitor) have had IUI to get preg.-no pregnancy. Referred to a Infertility Dr. did transvag ultrasound and saw thickening of lining on right side ; did an SHG and saw an unusual mass; further investigated with Hysteroscopy and nothing was found-but Sharp stabbing pain still persist in lower left pelvic area. Very painful. Just yesterday (Jan5,2009) went to DR. for the pain; menstrual period is 3 days late and had pain .Had pelvic exam and very tender on left ovary.DR.said my left ovary felt slightly big so had a transvag ultrasound - but thought it was nothing gynocological causing the problem-didn't see anything. Had a beta HCG done (don't know results yet). Early morning felt a little burts on lower left pelvic area and i'm now bleeding and cramping ...not sure if its period,ovarian cyst ruptured,or ectopic preg (BTW home preg test both came back neg). Called Dr. and no one has responded. SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND ALL THIS! (Sorry it is so long ) WHAT should I do? ↑

Follow-up( Jan 8 2009 6:30a.m.)-Yesterday-Jan 7, was in pain all night but was so exhausted that I still got moderate sleep.  Woke up and I was in fetal  position and husband suggested taking Voltaren.  That helped tremendously..could still feel the pressure but pain subsided. Only discomfort in my lower back.  Later in the evening the pain was beginning to come back in my pelvic area (cramping across the pelvic area but more concentrated pain/discomfort one the left and on my left hip. My upper left leg is achy too( groin and thigh area)  Ended up going to emergency and the BHCG was Neg…Dr. felt the area and said she felt something and wondered if I had bowel prob.  I said seemed to be ok to me   A little discomfort urinating (might be do to period).  Anyway,  she seems to think that it might be an ovarian cyst-( could not do an ultrasound because of period) that had ruptured and also that I might consider to get checked for endometriosis . What’s interesting about the period is that it is almost none existent in comparison to yesterday. Meaning the pain is there but there is minimal bleeding on the pad…only changed once and tha’s because I got a shower ..Didn’t need to change otherwise.(?)  Lower back pain and lower left pelvic discomfort , cramping across my pelvic area is still there. I don’t know what to make of it but at least she was able to give me some answers.  She put me on some more Voltaren.  .MY  husband noticed that the pain seem to be more intense closer to and f during my period.  This time though the pain was really bad!
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