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Hi Dr. Downing,  I thought I was through with menopause as my last period was about 18 months ago, age now 53,,,2 weeks ago,,,I had a steroid shot for a rash and about 5 days later I started my period.  Lasted about 4 days as it normally was and now its over.  Does this mean,,,I am going to start having periods again or do you think the shot could have started this.
Thank you!
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No, I don't think your going to start having a regular period.  Given the temporal relationship, the steroid shot may have been a factor.  Nevertheless, I suggest seing your ob/gyn and to be on the safe side have a work up for post-menopausal bleeding (consists of an endometrial biopsy and pelvic ultrasound).  Or just start with a pelvic ultrasound and based on the results consider a biopsy.  Talk to your ob/gyn about this.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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I have this menopause in BIG  and wake up sweating, burning and can't tell the differnce if is fever or not.
Could you please advise me a med that doesn't affect dystonia, or TD of the tongue.
Please                                                                                                                            H  ELP         Verna 2
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Hello Dr Downing,

I am new to this site, have been trying to figure out how to post my question to an expert like yourself, but so far have only succeeded in posting in general discussion forums.  I am 55 and my fiancée is 50. I had a vasectomy in 1973, and a reversal in 1979. My fiancée is premenapausal, in that she still has periods, but they arrive anywhere from 28 days to 45 days apart. In the past she has encountered problems with taking the pill, so my fiancée is very insistent of a more permanent means of preventing pregnancy.

She was prepared to have a tubal legation before our wedding in September, because she is scared to death about getting pregnant at her age.  Before she has a tubal, I wanted see if it was even necessary, so I had a sperm test done to determine if I am still fertile.  When the results of that test showed I am still fertile, she was determined to go ahead with a tubal.  But, when I asked my doctor about it, he felt the chances of her becoming pregnant (even though she is still menstruating) are so slight that most doctors would not be willing to perform a tubal on her at her age. Is there any way she can determine whether she is still capable of conception? My fiancee' is convinced the tubal is such a simple proceedure, it would be more costly and complicated to submit to a test that would show whether she is capable of conceiving than to simply get have a tubal, but I am reluctant to have her do so if it is not necessary.  Unless she is absolutely confidant she will not become pregnant, my fiancée will want to pursue a tubal or some other permanent solution.  If necessary, I have offered to have another vascectomy, since it is my understanding that a vasectomy is a simpler procedure, and is also less costly. Is this information correct? If so, are there any other things we should take into consideration in regards to any added problems we might encounter related to our ages and medical history? Would my previously having had a vasectomy and reversal make another vasectomy more difficult or potentially risky?

Thank you,


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I experienced spotting at the beginning of my period but it took more than 48 hours for the flow to become "regular", and then it only lasted 3 days before spotting began again. Now, almost a week later, my breasts are swollen and tender. I have always had regular periods, with breast swelling and tenderness beginning several days prior. I am 33 and, even though this is the first time this has happened, I worry that I might be pre-menopausal as my mother went through similar issues, albeit in her early 40s.

Should I be concerned, or monitor it closely again next month?

Kind Regards,
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What do you think of bio-identical hormones for women?

My functional med MD says my testosterone low and will likely inject me with a testoreone pellet at my next appt.
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