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menstrual pain

I have leg pain in the front of my thighs, both legs, that gets seriously bad about a week before my period and then for the first 3 days. Then I feel great until the cycle comes around again. Advil helps with menstrual cramps which I have always had, but does not really help the leg pain. Because it is cyclical, I thought it might be gynecological and so my doctor ordered a vaginal and pelvic ultrasound that was fine. I took continuous birth control pills for 9 months last year for cyclical pelvic pain and stopped because I was getting migraines with aura. The pelvic pain did go away and I thought I was menopausal (I’m 49). I didn’t have a period for 6 months and then when the spotting started, the leg pain started and now I’m back to regular periods.
   My doctor is suggesting Lupron for 3 months. I’m a little worried about side effects and long term implications since I’m surely close to menopause. Are the risks of Lupron for someone my age with migraine the same as with birth control pills? Are there birth control pills other than seasonique that would be more appropriate for someone with migraine like me? Generally, how do people do on Lupron? Is the only way to diagnose endometriosis by going in and looking? I don’t have a diagnosis yet. Is there anything else besides endometriosis that could cause the cyclical leg pain or some other test I should have besides ultrasound that might shed light on what this is?
   ( never had children so I do have that risk for endo)
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Unfortunately, I cannot answer you question.  I am a general internist and not an OB/GYN.  I deal with basic gynecological issues and not questions as complex as your's.  If you are unsure about your OB/GYN's recommendation, I would seek second opinion.
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