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multiple cysts on both ovaries

I am a 23 year old female and was recently diagnosed at the er with multiple cysts on both ovaries. In the report the doctor said," bilateral cystic adnexal masses right:2.3cm and left:3.2cm. Also, bilateral periadnexal free fluid as well as a small amount of free fluid in pelvis." I have an appointment next week to see my obgyn but i am scared. What does this mean? Also earlier this year i was diagnosed with chylmedia, maybe that has something to do with it. Could this be cancer, or maybe im infertile?? Anything would help with easing my mind right now. Thank you

PS the only reason i went to the er in the first place is bc i was laying down in bed and felt a lump in my lower left abdomen. No pain or fever before or during. Was nauseous alot as well as frequent urination and tired. ER ran urine and blood tests to see if i was pregnant and i was not.
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If you were my patient, I would try my best to reassure you that this is not cancer.  Cysts on the ovaries are very common, especially small ones like the ones they found on yours.  (2cm is the size of a grape).
Usually these cysts come and go and are related to ovulation and t the time of your cycle. Chlamydia is an infection (actually a sexually transmitted one) which should definitely be treated with antibiotics, but would not cause cysts.
It CAN affect your fertility by damaging your fallopian tubes, but often does not cause any harm--don't get it again though--ditch that guy!
I hope your appointment with your ob/gyn goes well!
Dr B
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