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please help me am i gona die

Im 24 un married, got a mishap due to which my family helped me to get a D&C more than 2 years ago. Last few months alot of pain. Latest reports:
Uterus: size is slightly smaller than normal, anteverted & slightly compressed due to pressure effect of solid mass in culdesac, myometrial echigenicity is normal, endometrial thickness is slightly comressed, no fibroid.
Culdesac: medium sized hypoechoic solid mass of about 6*6.1cm, no abnormal free fluid seen.
Ovaries: Left-> seen above & ant to right,psoas muscle & size is normal, no abnormal soild cystic mass. Right-> seen in culdesac, no abnormal solid cystic mass.
Impression: solid hypoechoic mass in culdesac or pedunculated fibroid or the uterus.
Prescription:Cefspan(sefixime) capsule, chymoral forte(trypsin/chymotrypsin),feldene flash(piroxicam) 10 days each.
Doctor verbally says that it is kind of tumor and there is no other way out except operate.
Please help and guide me my parents are very much worried so as me, i feel that my color suddenly changed to pale yellow after the doctor's comments. I am worried, nor I can go for marriage, will i never be able to become a mother if i get this operated before marriage?
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Sounds like there is a high suspicion the mass seen is a fibroid (a benign uterine tumor common in many women).  Assuming this is a fibroid, the location will not effect your fertility.  If it is not a fibroid, you need a diagnosis and thus surgery is required.  If it is a fibroid, its size and location and resulting symptoms it is causing require its removal.  

Continue to talk with your doctors about your management options.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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