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severe headache after sex

I'm very worried.  2 weeks ago my husband and I had great sex for over an hour.  Afterwards I used my vibrator for a grand finally.  I was so aroused that I had 5 major orgasms one after another.  Now the problem.  Right after the last one I started getting a severe headache.  I took an aspirin but that didn't help.  Later I took ibuprofen and that help some but it would always come back.  The headaches would really hurt especially went I bent over.  They would be so bad I would have to lay down for quit awhile.I decided that it's gone too long and going to see a docotor.  I'm very worried that I had a ruptured blood vessel in my head.  I'm scared to have an orgasm again.  What is causing my headaches and lasting so long?  
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Hi! I certainly hope that this is all a big coincidence, and that the two things are unrelated.  I would hate for you to have to change anything in a love life like that!
A persistent severe headache is a very good reason to visit your doctor, and I hope that regardless of what I say you will keep your appointment!

Hormonal shifts can definitely cause mirgraines, and your symptoms could certainly be consistent with migraine.  Have you had any visual changes, nausea or light sensitivity?
Caffeine is a good treatment for migraine, so try a cup of coffee or a Mountain Dew and see if you get any relief.

Muscle strain could also manifest as a headache, so it is possible that you strained a neck muscle and that is contributing.  Massage and low heat to the neck and back of the head is what I'd try for that.  Muscle relaxants would possibly help as well as ibuprofen.

Other things that would be more worriesome would be aneurysm, stroke, tumor.  These would usually be accompanied by other signs like nausea, weakness, dizzyness, slurred speech, etc.  An MRI or CT scan is what is going to rule those out, and unless your doctor finds some obvious cause, I'd recommend that you have one just in case.

Of note, if your symptoms suddenly worsen, GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!

As above I hope its all coincidence and that you and your other half get back to activities as usual!

Good luck!

Dr B
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I forgot to mention that I'm 55 years old.  I had orgasms before but never as intensed and never had a headache afterwards.
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other symptons included intense pain going down neck, & arms & into heart. Since then I have been to a chiropractor,  it did not help. I have had lab, (blood work & urinalysis) a brain scan. The brain scan. They said their was a spot on my brain that was an area of concern. Tonight I hat a more intense brain x-ray, an MRI. I also have an UTI (unrelated)
Thanks for getting back to us.
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