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severe pain near uterus

So I'm 26. I have had abnormal paps severe bleeding and pain for fourteen years. I had another surgery in January. Which was an ablation hysteroscopy and d&c. Now I'm having stabbing pains that gi from my uterus to back and down like I'm in full blown labor its like my uterus is contracting like contractions. The pressure and pain is unreal and I have my tubes tied and have had many procedures done.. He even took out all scar tissue and endometriosis. Do u have any idea what is wrong?? I really just want a hysterectomy. But no one will help me sue to my age
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If you were my patient, I would defintiely consider a hysterectomy for you.  You may very well have post-ablation syndrome--which is a condition that occurs when women have had both a tubal ligation and endometrial ablation.
Hysterectomy is a cure, removal of the fallopian tubes is another option.
Some type some ttype of surgey is usually indicated.

Good iuck!
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