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smells like urine during sex?

OK, here's a back story.  I am 19, in a monogamous relationship.  My boyfriend and I recently stopped using condoms because he was tested.  I have had 1 or 2 yeast infections in my life, but as far as I know, nothing else.  I've noticed that while we were having sex, it smelled a bit weird and fishy and a bit like urine too.  Afterwards I put a finger in my vagina and smelled it to see what it smelled like, and it smelled like a combo of his semen and urine.  Why would it smell like urine inside me?

I usually don't have vaginal odor at all.  Before we had sex I smelled my underwear just to check to see if all was normal, and it smelled fine, just as it always has (kinda sweet).  I have no itching, burning, pain, I feel fine down there.  Is it possible that this smell happened because I had hardly drank any water or eaten anything that day?  Is it also possible that it came from the fact that right before we had sex, I gave him oral sex with a mint in my mouth. (he smelled normal down there)

Any suggestions would be welcome!
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A fishy odor can be an indicator of bacterial vaginosis, so if this becomes a persistant problem, you may want to be checked for that.  BV is not an STD, but simply a change in the type of bacteria that usually inhabit the vagina.  It is easily cleared up with antibiotics.

Semen has a kind of chlorine smell, which is normal.

Sometimes during intercourse a little urine leaks out especially if the woman has any stress incontinence type problems. I am assuming that at 19 you don't have major issues, but this can be normal especially if sex is vigorous.

Hope this helps!

Dr B
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