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stillbirth at 6 months

I had a stillborn at 6 months pregnant. I had normal delivery and had excessive bleeding afterwards.  My dr. put her hand in my uterus and started pulling stuff out trying to stop the bleeding afterwards  she could not stop it and i had to have a d.c.   What are my chances of being able to have another baby after being told my endometrial wall was torn up?

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I'm sorry for your loss!  The type of situation you are describing is common after a still birth at an early gestational age.  The immature placenta doesn't separate well and is often sticky.  In my experience, about 50% of women require a d&c.  The information I always want to know is, how are their periods afterwards?  If you have a regular cycle and reasonable heavy flow for 4 days or so, there is a good chance that your uterus has healed itself and you can conceive again.  If your periods are still irregular/extra light/etc I would be tempted to suggest a hysteroscopy ( a small scope that inserts in the uterus)  A hysteroscopy could determine whether or not there is scar tissue, and how best to treat it.
Hope all is well, and you have a baby soon!
Dr B
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