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vaginal "bump"

Had a hysterectomy last year and lifted something too heavy and incorrectly.
That caused a vaginal prolapse and so my doc did an anterior repair.

Now I have a rather large bump at the end of the stitches (near the opening of the vagina)
It is only 3 weeks post op.  Will this shrink or go down?  She has given me estrogen cream to apply to the area topically.

Opinions would be great...by the way I am only 45 years old and happily married and sexually active with my spouse.  The reason for the hysterectomy was from a uterine prolapse from 3 very large babies (all vaginal delivery)

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First, I'd like to say, the prolapse after your hysterectomy was probably not due to lifting something too heavy, but rather the result of why you had prolapse to begin with.

In terms of your anterior repair, yes some of the tissue swelling, and scarring will improve.  Continue to keep your surgeon abreast of your symptoms and progress.  Also, I'd remind you that anterior repairs have a high rate of failure (~30%) even in the best surgeon's hands.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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What if the bump does not receed?...Should I get a second opinion?
I am now 6 weeks post op and it is still there.  what will happen after?

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