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violent spasm during orgasm

I am a 24 year old college student. A friend of mine and I went to an adult entertainment store and purchased vibrators for fun and it was my first time trying one. It was over but one night when I used it I felt a violent spasm during climax that was incredibly painful. Ever since then, I could not achieve pleasure without pain, even being aroused caused me a lot of pain. I went to several doctors to see if it was an infection that called the spasm and have taken many antibiotics, but nothing seems to work. I have taken nitrofuritoin, amoxicilan, bactrum, and metronidazole. Last time I went to the doctor two weeks ago and she made me take metronidazole for 7 days and bactrum for 5 days. However, I still can't achieve an orgasm, and I see thick and mucus like discharge when I urine in the morning. In addition, I sometimes experience craps and have a heavy so heavy and long that one time it lasted for almost two months. Even if I tried to climax, it would be insufficient, followed by pain, and sometimes blood. I haven't had sex with anyone before... but I don't know what it is that I could have... I just want to feel better...  
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