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what are they missing??

In the Last year....Well i should start from the begginging FRom my very first period...something wasn"t rite....I'Ve always Had a PERIOd that LAst between 10-15 days....I got my period around age 13... The doctors kept saying it"s because i just got my period as i get older things will get more normal......Now that i"m 21The periods have gotten longer and more painful......I've been in and out of doctors officies for the past two years.... In june of last year they peformed a dnc and hystoctemy to remove something they thought was cauing the problem..I came to find out later it wasn"t what they thought...so in febuary of this year i had a dermoid cyst removed.....Everything about the surgery went routine......That is until last month around the 5th of april my period came on and hasn"t stopped since...... Something is wrong......I've tried every form of birth control other than the iud"s nothing has worked.....I belive this is more than a hormone thing but i feel as if my doctors arent taking me seriously......If i bled from my nose for two monthes they would think it was an emergancy....so why isn"t this an emergancy........Does anyone know anyone that went thru this???? I need answers
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I LOVE your comment about the nose bleed!  Right on!  If you were my patient, I would want to check you for bleeding disorders, such as Von Willebrands disease.  This is a fairly common hereditary disorder of platelet function that causes heavy menstrual bleeding.  In fact, the most common symptom of the disorder is heavy periods.

There are other more rare conditions that should be ruled out too, such as hemophilia, etc.  If you were my patient, I would want you to get details from any other family members with similary symptoms.

If it turned out not to be a bleeding disorder/coagulopathy, my next step would be to consider a Mirena IUD.  These can work wonderfully to reduce bleeding or sometimes even stop bleeding altogether.  Lupron might be another option, because some of your symptoms ( pain ) are suspicious for endometriosis.

Well, at least here are some things to consider--hope it helps!
Dr B
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thanks......The doctors did mention the IUD but they have so many side-effects...I kinda been scared to try them.....
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