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white spot on labia minora

i recently had a yeast infection burning when i urinated, hard to walk, slight itching and cuts. while using an over the counter cream i had my period which assisted in going away. then when it all cleared up i was left with a white spot on my labia minora right across from my uretheral opening. it doesnt burn or cause me any pain. it is not a bump, a lump or is it raised. today i began having a slightly odorous clear discharge. this all occured over three weeks. i also wanted to add i constantly use antibiotics and prior to those three weeks i had used emergency contraceptive approximately 5 times in the month. i had never used the contraceptive before until then and i was also using antiobiotics. is there any idea of what it might be? plz help
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If you were my patient I would advise you to watch the spot carefully and would advise you to come in if it persists longer than a month or two.
If it resolves within that time there is probably nothing to wory aboutr
If it does persist, I would consider doing a biopsy of the lesion to determine what it is.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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