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yeast infection

can a yeast infection cause a rash on bum? Does a colonoscopy make you more vunerable to yeast infections? or gastrointestinal problems?
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Yes, yeast can and does cause a rash and itching/burning sensation.  Typically the areas affected are the groin area and under the breasts.  Sometimes under the belly if there is a bit of extra "fluff".  Nystatin powder of Tegretol shampoo can work very well in these areas.  Diflucan is a great drug for treating yeast that's "everywhere".

Colonoscopy won't cause yeast or GI problems, but is often done because of pre-existing GI problems.

Hope this helps!
Dr B
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Is it possible that a heat rash might be more likely?  Get either a diaper rash ointment (like Palladin) or an anti fungal agent and it might clear up within hours
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