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menstrual cycle

My last cycle was July 6 2012.  I took a pregnancy test and it wad negative  and my tubes are tied so what could be the promble
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Hi I had my tubes tied over 2 years ago. My periods have been pretty regular until this month. My last period was May and it didnt come on until the 2nd week in august. I did spot on 2 days in august, it was very light and I had cramps like it was about to come on. It did over a week later. So here I am 12 days in and have been passing clots constantly since it came on. I have no insurance and cant afford to go to the dr. I have only been having mild cramps on and off but no pms symptoms. Please give me sum advice. Thanks
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that irregular cycles are common.
It can be quite normal to miss period now and then.  If you continue to miss periods, for more than 3 months or more in between, you may need to have some hormoen levels checked. You may have a form of polycystic ovary disease and you may need to check with your provider for some medications to help regulate your periods.
Hope this helps!
Dr B!
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