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sever pain after intercorse

So last  night the hubby and i had sex and half way threw I had sever pain in my abdomen. This pain got so bad I curled up in a ball an cried. I did not go to the ER for the ER here just sends you home with pain meds till Monday comes to see a doctor. I had pan meds from a past Hysteroscopy and D&C in march where they removed several uterine polyps. I took the percocet which died down the pain a bit and layed down to bed. Every time i go to the bathroom it hurts to push down to urinate or have a bm. I also can feel this dull pain and I am alittle worried. I frequently urinate. About 4 or more times at night and at least 15 during the day and I try to hold it as long as I can! I read something on IC which sounded like what I have been experiencing . Because my normal doctor ut me on antibiotics for the frequent urination and it didnt work and put me on meds for an overactive bladder . And those meds made it 10 times worse. I have a long histery of gyno issues and we are trying to have a baby so I am a bit scared it might be put to another year or more holt. Please help give me ideas so i can run them by my doctors.
Thank you
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It sounds as though you may have a cyst on your ovary.  That could potentially cause all of the problems that you mentioned.  Its possible that it twisted during intercourse, and that is EXTREMELY painful.  Another possibility is that it may have ruptured.  If it did, the pain should subside and the cyst will most likely heal itself.

Endometriosis is another possibility.  Or a UTI.  Endometriosis and Interstitial Cystitis often go hand in hand.  One other thought--make sure to check a pregnancy test, if there is any possibility of that!

Good luck!
Dr B
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hi i am 32 year old i had 3 kids i had my tube tied 3 year ago lately i am having sharp pain in my lower belly and 2 month ago my period is behind 2 week i having heavy cramp and cloting period the first day is brownish and then it turn hevy bleeding it last 5 to 6 days i am really worried
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Hi another Question on that note....
I took a pregnancy test it came out negative....But I am now on CD 37 and there is no sign of my AF showing up! Except for swollen breast and atypical pms/pregnancy symptoms in my opinion are so much the same I wouldn't know the difference!  My doctor said i had a mild ...very mild infection that only a few bacteria were spotted an placed me on some meds for it! Mind you this is the 9th antibiotic he has placed me on for a mild infection! Which worries me because they can be bad for you if over used! I told him I would prefer to speak to my OB about this!  Which I intend to on Monday!

My main question is can i still be pregnant with a negative test on cd 37 and if not what would cause my cycles to gradually get further an further apart at the age of 26?
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Thank you so much!
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